The creative process behind any project cannot take place without a sense of teamwork, bringing together the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of everyone involved.

Brolliet’s Architecture department is adept at managing projects such as:

  • Design
  • Transformation
  • Renovation
  • Preservation
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Thermal and acoustic upgrades

We take all deliverables for each project into consideration.


Discuss your project, listen, analyse your requirements, consider the usage of the property, confirm your objectives.


Analyse the site, the natural elements, the landscape, the architecture, feel the surroundings in harmony with each site, the constraints, the possible usage and functions of the space. The aim is to be responsive and proactive.


Bring to life various scenarios, layouts and architectural concepts.

Design the project as a whole: plans, cross-sections, elevations and/or 3D modelling; add in technical documents and construction details.


Put project guidelines in place, taking any constraints into account. 

Communicate with professional tradesmen to successfully execute your project.

Define the financial framework, schedules and stages.


Follow the progress of your project throughout its execution with regular, meticulous checks.


A project that is successfully completed in accordance with the above preserves the property as well as the relationship between Brolliet and the owners. 



  • Property transactions & Prestige residences
  • Renovations incorporating environmental and legislative variables
  • Loft conversions, increased height, optimisation of volume and floor space
  • Interior architecture
  • Evaluation and preservation of property
  • Property valuation

Our Team

  • emilie

    Arthur Schurink

    I.A.U.G.-qualified Architect (Institute of Architecture, Geneva University)

    MPQ Representative



    Phone: +41 58 201 34 14 | Mobile: +41 79 298 71 53



    "A client, an architect, a team working for one and the same goal, teamwork. This is what we pour our energy into."



    14 years’ experience as an architect using computer-aided design (2D & 3D) and as a project manager.


    He joined the Architecture department at Brolliet in 2012.


    Arthur’s skills as an architect cover all aspects of the renovation and development of buildings, drawing on his thorough knowledge of legislation and regulations.


    Arthur carries out the monitoring and financial management of construction sites, making sure that schedules and budgets are complied with attention to detail, price, and high quality work completed within the scheduled time frame are of primary importance to him.


    Arthur relishes the challenge of each new requirement in the areas of energy-saving and legislation.



    - Design of pre-plans and plans

    - Rental buildings and luxury properties

    - Property development and development studies

    - Assessment and asbestos issues



    - French

    - English

    - German

    - Dutch

    - Italian (basic)