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One of the main concerns for property investors is to secure their transactions. Financial, legal and tax-related risks need to be taken into account before undertaking a purchase or sale.

The current economic environment, an increase in key players and the professionalization of the sector have made property transactions more and more complex.

The client needs to obtain support from professionals who are capable of suggesting swift, effective solutions to ensure successful outcomes. They must be experts in the entire process for each transaction, from diagnosis through evaluation to structuring.

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Our clients, be they Swiss or international, institutions or private investors, banks and industrial groups or service groups, trust in our knowledge of the real estate markets and our dynamic approach to real estate valuation.

Our network’s coverage provides us with in-depth knowledge of the market and allows us to bring the necessary resources to our clients’ projects quickly, in line with their time constraints and quality requirements.

Our expertise in the area of real estate valuation is reinforced through our command of financial approaches, allowing us to continuously develop innovative new ways to resolve the increasingly complex issues that our clients encounter.

These innovative approaches aim to provide a wider, structured view of the assets we assess, in order to fully address the concept of value.

The quality of our services relies essentially on the relationship of mutual enrichment that we maintain with our clients. This relationship aims to ensure a full understanding of client needs in order to develop the best strategies.

For more information on the services we provide, please see the contact details for our manager below.

icon-earBuyers, owners – responsiveness is our watchword

Working together, success becomes a concrete reality through our ability to accurately appraise the market price of a property. Our expert knowledge of both the documentation involved and the art of negotiation brings us success in all our transactions, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

icon-bar-2Statistics: Positioning within the market

We keep a file of real estate sold within the year, which allows for objective and detailed comparative analysis, taking the most recent completed transactions into account.

Our values:

  •  Know-how
  •  Continuous monitoring of quality and a commitment to providing quality of service
  •  Close collaboration with the client

Investing in firm value

Investors always seek solid and profitable investment in bricks and mortar.

Consequently, our business has naturally led us to offer these professionals real estate investment or other types of investment in line with their increasingly specific requirements.

As the real estate market has become very competitive, the way to approach it now necessitates collaboration with a carefully selected, experienced partner who employs an innovative approach. For this reason, Brolliet real estate agency is here to support you in your business dealings.

Entrust us with your enquiries today, and your future investments will undoubtedly become a source of profitability.


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