Campaign Brolliet

It is with great pleasure that we present our brand new campaign for Brolliet. Developed in collaboration with Geneva-based artists, Cyril Porchet and Chufy (Jean Marconi), the artwork puts both art and property centre stage.

Cyril Porchet 

Cyril Porchet is a multi-award-winning photographer who has exhibited his work around the world. The imagery he has created especially for Brolliet is truly unique thanks to the photographic technique used. For this piece, he has moved away from traditional photography and employed some of his recent experimental approaches.

Like an alchemist, Cyril Porchet likes to experiment freely in his workshop with his traditional and digital enlargers, projecting copies of original negatives onto photographic paper. Next he develops the images (using developer, stop bath and fixer), actively shaping how the image appears as part of his experiments. 

In doing so, he transforms and gives a second life to his shots, as well as revisiting traditional photography production techniques. The photographic paper is first manipulated – cut, folded and creased to create a unique surface on which the images are developed. 

The results defy description and underline the fragility of every work of art.


Chufy is a Geneva-born painter who has exhibited his work across Europe and been commissioned to paint frescos in Asia and Latin America.

A unique language runs through his work, showcasing his understanding of beauty and the purity of mathematical and physical models. His artwork is created using a specific process – three-point perspective – which he adapts when creating large canvases, allowing him to maintain complete control over his work and leaving almost nothing to chance.
 When composing his pieces, he also likes to play around with the spacial dimensions.

As a master painter and acrylic specialist, Chufy created the artwork for Brolliet using a different approach. Nonetheless, elements of Chufy’s artistic world can be seen throughout this piece.

Thanks to the perspective and his unique graphical style, Chufy has created a work of precision and exceptional detail.