The Condominiums department of Brolliet SA manages around one hundred buildings, representing 2,500 PPE condominiums and 1,500 co-owners.

Our values

  • A culture and company ethos dedicated to asset management
  • A philosophy of precision, transparency and respect for the environment that benefits our clients
  • Respect for our code of ethics

Our strengths

  • High quality services, in perfect harmony with our clients’ requirements
  • Management that is preferential, individual, adjustable and progressive

Our services

  • An experienced representative at your service
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Follow-up of General Meeting decisions regarding works, maintenance and any legal procedures
  • Follow-up of building maintenance and works planning
  • Active management of budgets, accounts and renovation fund
  • Sound knowledge of your condominium and its history

Our team

Structured organisation: each condominium has a dedicated management team.

The team is composed of:

  • A condominium manager who also serves as administrator in the absence of an external administrator
  • A technical manager and a lettings manager
  • An accountant

Using this approach, we build a relationship of trust with fluid communication. The team is able to rectify problems swiftly, with a full understanding of the situation relating to each condominium.

We can also offer valuable advice from specialists and experts, such as:

  • Tax experts
  • Legal experts
  • Sustainable development and environmental expertise

  • emilie

    Adrijana Mitrovic

    Manager, Condominium Administrator

    PPE department manager



    Phone: +41 58 201 33 57

    Mobile: +41 79 207 76 05



    "My relationship with my clients is as important as solid foundations are to a building."



    Before joining the company, Adrijana studied Economics and Management, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Management and Services Engineering.


    Attracted by the property sector, she joined Brolliet in 2011 while continuing her studies. Adrijana has occupied various roles within the company, moving from the claims department to sustainable development. This experience has equipped her with knowledge of different areas of the real estate business.



    - Condominiums

    - PPE condominiums 

    - Energy issues in construction



    - French

    - English

    - Serbo-Croatian


Our tools

icon-pointerIntegrated management software

Our management software is developed in-house by our IT department, and is continually updated in line with new developments in our business.

This in-house software development gives us a level of responsiveness and flexibility that is unique in the real estate sector, and also promotes precision and security in the processing of data relating to managed property.

By doing this, Brolliet has been a pioneer in the digitisation of all the standard documents.

Electronic document management (EDM) and the management process:

With a view to optimising the organisation and responsiveness of our services, a few years ago we computerised our entire management system:

  • We produce inspection reports on tablets, which are linked to our IT system
  • Digitisation and classification of all documents relating to the management of a building (leases, incoming and outgoing mail for tenants and owners, contracts, invoices) 
  • Digitisation and classification of all incoming and outgoing emails

Records for each building, respectively for the associated units, can thus be precisely logged and reported.

As digitisation is carried out as soon as each document arrives, they are processed and tracked electronically, thus maximising the efficiency of the processes as well as enhancing traceability and checks.


Management process

 icon-note-2Tailored management

A multi-department, personalised service

icon-people-2A specialist team

An experienced condominium manager, technical manager and accountant dedicated to each condominium

icon-note-listManagement report

Year-end accounts summary, highlighting the main activities performed.


A restricted group of co-owners, responsible for monitoring decisions taken at General Meetings in conjunction with the Administrator.

icon-teach-1Ordinary General Meeting

An annual meeting of co-owners primarily for the purpose of approving the accounts and management of the previous operating year, along with the budget for the forthcoming financial year

icon-pai-2Financial statements (balance sheet with costs, budget and breakdown of invoices)

Delivery to co-owners of financial documentation and certification required for income tax returns.

icon-folderFollow-up of files

Day-to-day administrative, technical and financial management

icon-vlcOne-off essential repair work

Coordination and monitoring of essential renovation work




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