A family success story

The Brolliet family has been involved in the real estate sector since they settled in Geneva in the 18th century. Since then, various family members have distinguished themselves by constructing some of the most prestigious buildings in the city, as architects or entrepreneurs.

In the 20th century, company founder David Brolliet and his successors have contributed to many major construction projects in Geneva. They have managed an extensive property portfolio. Founded in 1903, Brolliet & Cie developed over the years under the stewardship of its founder and his son Henry. From the late 1950s, Jean Brolliet oversaw a remarkable expansion of the company, quickly developing it into one of the biggest real estate agencies in the canton of Geneva. It became a limited company in 1989, and, with Laure Brolliet, sees a fourth generation of the Brolliet family at its helm as its President.

This is the success story of a family who, through their consistency and perseverance, made a place for themselves in Geneva and the surrounding area through the quality of the service they provided to the community.


Temple de Carouge: Marc François Brolliet was involved in its construction


Eglise Russe: Louis Charles Brolliet was involved in its construction


Establishment of the company by David Auguste Brolliet, who was responsible for Rue de la Corraterie. David became the Mayor of Onex, and was a brilliant military man and politician.


Henry Brolliet
was the head of the company. These were 30 glorious years of history, which saw the population increase, leading to a corresponding shortage of housing: more construction was required


Jean Brolliet joined the company. An intelligent, dynamic man and a brilliant student.


Two 13-storey towers at Petit-Lancy, a prestigious project led by Jean Brolliet


Another prestigious project is built in Champel: Rieu 15 and 15A, a condominium.


A luxury condominium is constructed next to the lake at quai Gustave-Ador 64, opposite Baby-Plage, under the management of Jean Brolliet. It was renovated in 2013.


Laure Brolliet, the fourth generation of the family, takes the reins of the company. She had already worked there for 10 years.


Opening of a real estate agency in the heart of Vieux-Nyon

Governance celebrates its centenary


Major renovation of the Usine Bell factory, converted into co-owned commercial properties


Adrien De Loes, Laure Brolliet’s son, joins the Board of Directors of Brolliet SA. He represents a fifth generation of the Brolliet family


Delivery of the “Le Patio” Development in the Grand Saconnex quarter. Its resolutely contemporary architecture is widely admired. The Vaud agency develops, progressing both in management and property development, with the construction of a condominium in Lussy-sur-Morges


Les Hauts de Malagnou (malagnou.ch) is completed after 20 years of work, creating 146 dwellings in the commune of Chêne-Bougeries


Renovation of the « La Cigale » cooperative (CHF 18.5M). It is the largest Swiss renovation project with Minergie P green building certification.

Several large-scale developments: latulette.ch, lamajolique.ch, malagnou.ch