Innovation allows Brolliet SA real estate agency to standardise our internal processes and communication with clients, in order to constantly improve our quality of service and client focus.


USPI-LabelVert_logoA pioneer and leader in this area, Brolliet SA set up its dedicated Sustainable Development department five years ago. The company is certified every year by the USPI’s “Label Vert” (Green Label) programme.



Brolliet has been involved with social initiatives with links to the environment, such as the training of more than 6,000 households in the SODIS method in Senegal, to enable families to access clean drinking water.


Logo-ISO26000-ConfirmeWithin the company, we conduct our activities in line with requirements relating to sustainable development. In particular, we have an energy-saving policy in place in order to respect the environment. We have incorporated these sustainable development principles into the management of our company and our premises. Brolliet SA is the first real estate agency certified ISO 26000.


 Brolliet opted for electricity consumption from Swiss hydraulic production. Through this, it contributes to the development of renewable energy at national level. It is also involved in the Eco21 programme of GIS, in order to promote energy recovery work.


For the 1,000 properties that we manage, this vision of property management allows for a reduction in CO2 emissions and significantly reduces costs for the owner and heating bills for the tenant. In order to combine these three elements most effectively, each project is considered in detail in order to find the most efficient solution.

Our objective: respond to the future needs of our clients by improving the rental potential of their properties and the comfort of their tenants. 


Since quality is at the heart of all the main activities of our company, the Quality department plays an essential role in the high quality management services we offer our clients. 

Our management software, developed in-house, centralises both our management tools and our data control mechanisms: 

  • Distribution procedures and virtual mail management. A personalised task is allocated and automatic copies are sent to the other people and departments involved, for information purposes.
  • Double checks on lease compliance before signing.
  • Specific planning for works management: respect for owners’ instructions, selected supplier, deadline control, budget monitoring, etc.
  • Approval of electronic invoices by the technician and electronic payment validation by a manager.
  • Regular analysis of supplier services to optimise quality/price ratio.
  • Monthly evaluation tables for team services, aiming to identify and encourage any potential improvement.
  • Annual statistics showing team workloads and optimisation of the division of work between teams (number of properties, rental status capacity, type and category of property, etc.)


  • Automation of process monitoring tools.
  • Automation of data validation and analysis.


The Sustainable Development and Quality department is composed of three full-time members of staff, whose goal is to respond to clients and advise them with regard to questions about new requirements.

An innovation committee, made up of members of staff from each department with varying business backgrounds, meets regularly. This cross-company group allows us to recognise people’s strengths and listen to their ideas.

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    Raphaël Elio

    Real estate portfolio manager & Sustainable Development Manager




    Phone: +41 58 201 34 52




    "Let’s create a relationship of trust together"



    In search of new challenges and with an HES Degree in Managerial Economics, Raphaël joined the Sustainable Development department in 2013.


    In his first job, Raphaël worked as an e-marketing manager for a Geneva-based startup company operating in the area of sustainable development.


    He assesses the implementation of innovative projects that respect the principles of sustainable development. At Brolliet, Raphaël is a member of the innovation committee.



    - Sustainable management

    - New technologies

    - Legislative monitoring



    - French

    - English

  • emilie

    Delphine Mugnier

    Quality and Logistics Process Manager




    Phone: +41 58 201 34 50



    "Communicate in order to progress together towards excellence."



    Before joining Brolliet SA, Delphine had a career as a project manager at Quorum Software SA, one of the leaders in real estate software in Switzerland. In contact with real estate agencies throughout French-speaking Switzerland, she has in-depth knowledge of the Geneva market.


    She joined Brolliet SA early in 2012 as the logical next step in her career. "I use my experience in different departments of the company. I’m available to discuss and define a personalised programme to best respond to the client’s needs."


    Delphine’s management experience covers all areas of real estate, including lettings, technical management and PPE condominiums.


    With a DEUG in Architecture and a Degree in Computer Graphics, she has a strong capacity for observation and adaptation.



    - Geneva real estate sector

    - New technologies



    - French

    - English

    - Spanish


Eco21_logoEco 21  

Based on the eco21 reports produced by SIG and drawn up by electricians, the results are analysed and amended to obtain the best financial return. These additional reports are produced solely for Brolliet.

icon-home-5Financial planning 

During renovation projects, financial plans that are in line with legal requirements are produced in order to determine maximum cost-effectiveness. This analysis also incorporates any opportunities regarding subsidies and tax breaks.

rapports-smallEnergy reports

With the help of tools such as Immolabel, we produce detailed analysis and a report in order to identify potential savings, while also meeting any constraints relating to energy law.

icon-teach-2Training for building concierges 

Every year we organise a seminar for the concierges of buildings we manage, in order to train them and improve their daily lives. The last three topics have been fire safety, effective use of cleaning and maintenance products and reducing the risk of low back pain.


Livret illustré 2011 - couv Livret illustré 2012 - couv  Livret illustré 2013 - couv

In-house training, e-learning

Aware that training is an important issue, Brolliet SA has designed an in-house training programme to perfect the knowledge of its employees in the areas of leasing, technical matters and insurance.

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