Property Management


The management of a rental stock with an overall value of CHF 300 million is ensured on a daily basis by our management team, at the heart of Brolliet SA. Almost 80 people manage more than 1,000 properties.

Our values

  • Customer service is our priority
  • Ethics and transparency in our business dealings
  • Respect for requirements with regard to sustainable development
  • Company culture and ethos dedicated to managing your assets

Our strengths

  • 110 years of experience in portfolio management for rental property, residential property, commercial property and condominiums
  • Sustained activity in various business associations and jurisdictions
  • Long-term outlook towards environmental, human, social and economic issues
  • Optimum management of all data relating to each portfolio and the possibility of personalised reports thanks to our state-of-the-art IT system
  • Excellent advice with a view to maximising the profitability of your real estate
  • Constant updating of team knowledge through continuing professional training

Our services

  • Comprehensive property management, with a dedicated team at your service
  • Follow-up of building maintenance, organised schedules for works and systematic checks on contractors
  • Our management of your property is guaranteed to be rigorous, effective and transparent
  • Development of new or renovated property
  • Management of private portfolios, institutional portfolios and real estate funds

Detailed services

  • Rental property management
  • Technical management
  • Financial management



In order to best serve the interests of our real estate owners, our company has an in-house legal department with a team of six.

  • Our services:
  • Process:



Owning real estate implies the need to insure it.

This is why we have an Insurance department available, a trusted partner to supply you with specialist advice.

The manager of the Insurance department is available to arrange an interview at your convenience, where any insurance questions you have can be answered.

Our team

A structured organisation:

We work in management teams, which allows us to provide a dedicated competence centre for each client, composed of:

  • A portfolio manager, your point of contact regarding the management of your asset
  • A technical manager who can deal with any technical issues with the buildings
  • A technical employee who deals with administrative tasks
  • An employee in charge of the rental aspects of your property
  • A manager for accounting, disputes and insurance

Our teams are supported by various internal departments, including:

  • Our management support team (technical, rental and administrative) available to assist the core team
  • A dedicated sustainable development department, set up in 2008
  • Experts in real estate law (Siegrist-Lazzarotto law firm)

  • emilie

    Aldo Commisso

    Director of Property Management



    Tel : +41 58 201 34 15

    Email :



    He qualified in Commercial and Industrial Sciences from the University of Geneva and graduated from the Institute of Real Estate Studies (IEI). Aldo Commisso has worked in the fiduciary and governance fields, in various services such as rentals, co-ownership units, sales, commercial real estate and accounting.


    In 1995, he joined the company as manager of private and institutional client portfolios as well as manager of Brolliet’s governance groups and legal services. As an expert in tenancy law and benefitting from over 30 years of experience in real estate, M. Commisso is director of the governance service and member of the Board of Directors.


    He is also Judge Assessor of the Court governing leases and rents in the canton of Geneva and he is an active member of the Professional Association of Managers and Real Estate Brokers in Geneva (APGCI).



    - Management of real estate portfolios

    - Tenancy Law

    - Management



    - French

    - Italian

    - English

    - Portuguese

    - Spanish

  • emilie

    Grégoire Zanetta

    Managing Agent - Portfolio Manager

    Associate director



    Phone: +41 58 201 34 15




    With a degree in Economics and Business Management and over 12 years’ experience in real estate at Brolliet, Grégoire is responsible for managing condominiums, real estate companies and property portfolios.


    Grégoire manages both private client portfolios and institutional portfolios, and heads the management group as well as the company’s Sustainable Development department.


    He also officiates as a member of the Board of Directors for the Société Coopérative d’Habitation La Cigale.



    - Management of property portfolios

    - Sustainable development

    - Condominiums



    - French

    - English

  • emilie

    Alexandre Molinari

    Real estate portfolio manager




    Phone: +41 58 201 33 55



    "Transparency and dialogue guarantee trust"



    Working for Brolliet since 2006, Alexandre has played a role in various departments in order to develop his experience of the real estate sector.


    Wishing to expand his knowledge, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics with an option in Sustainable Management in 2011. He obtain his Master’s degree in 2014, in the Institut d’étude immobilière (IEI, Institute of Property Studies).


    Alexandre is a member of the “Label Vert” (Green Label) committee and a trainer for the APGCI (Professional Association of Real Estate Managers and Brokers).



    - Sustainable investment

    - Sustainable management

    - Real estate



    - French

    - English


Our tools:

Integrated management software

Our management software is developed in-house by our IT department, and is continually updated in line with new developments in our business.

This in-house software development gives us a level of responsiveness and flexibility that is unique in the real estate sector, and also promotes precision and security in the processing of data relating to managed property.

By doing this, Brolliet has been a pioneer in the digitisation of all the standard documents.


An online system for accessing secure data, accessible 24 hours a day, free of charge to our clients.

Brolliet offers all of its property owners an online system for accessing secure data, available 24 hours a day via our e-brolliet service. An online demonstration is available and can be used to train new users.

  • The following information is also available at any time:


Technical Tablets

TechNo, a tool used by our technical managers, enables instant electronic creation of inspection reports.


Electronic data (CD Rom, USB key, Brolliet online)

  • Intuitive data presentation and navigation
  • Visualisation of all accounts, their related invoices and estimates, and any entries generated at month end, without the need to install additional software.


Electronic document management (EDM) and the management process:

Records for each building, respectively for the associated units, can thus be precisely logged and reported.

As digitisation is carried out as soon as each document arrives, they are processed and tracked electronically, thus maximising the efficiency of the processes as well as enhancing traceability and checks.

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