Brolliet Ltd.

Since 1903, when it was founded by David Brolliet, our real estate agency has been proud to contribute to building and maintaining a pleasant living environment.

Laure Brolliet follows 4 generations of company heads, and is now President of the Administrative Board, in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

Brolliet Ltd. has a very strong culture, thanks to its history. It is a household name, a well-known brand around Geneva.

This renowned company defines itself by the quality of its advice and its innovative solutions favouring a long term and sustainable vision.

Comprising 140 people, Brolliet Ltd. brings under one roof a wide range of complementary professional activities: brokers in the commercial and residential field of prestige, architects, developers, project managers and real estate operation handlers, marketing and communication, accountants,  income-producing real estate experts, portfolio managers, technical managers, IT specialists, lawyers.

Executive Board

  • emilie

    Aldo Commisso

    Director of Management Services and real estate portfolio manager
    Leasing Judge Assessor at the Court of leases and rents



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    He qualified in Commercial and Industrial Sciences from the University of Geneva and graduated from the Institute of Real Estate Studies (IEI). Aldo Commisso has worked in the fiduciary and governance fields, in various services such as rentals, co-ownership units, sales, commercial real estate and accounting.


    In 1995, he joined the company as manager of private and institutional client portfolios as well as manager of Brolliet’s governance groups and legal services. As an expert in tenancy law and benefitting from over 30 years of experience in real estate, M. Commisso is director of the governance service and member of the Board of Directors.


    He is also Judge Assessor of the Court governing leases and rents in the canton of Geneva and he is an active member of the Professional Association of Managers and Real Estate Brokers in Geneva (APGCI).



    - Management of real estate portfolios

    - Tenancy Law

    - Management



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    - Italian

    - English

    - Portuguese

    - Spanish



  • Benjamin Grajzgrund

    Fondé de pouvoir, Commercial real estate manager

  • Claude Guillod

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Delphine Mugnier

    Fondée de pouvoir, Quality control and logistics manager

  • Béatrice Orgeval

    Fondée de pouvoir, Accounting manager

  • Arthur Schurink

    Fondé de pouvoir, Architect I.A.U.G

  • Rosemary Studhalter

    Sous-directrice, Head of condominium units

  • Grégoire Zanetta

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager