Brolliet Ltd.

Since 1903, when it was founded by David Brolliet, our real estate agency has been proud to contribute to building and maintaining a pleasant living environment.

Laure Brolliet follows 4 generations of company heads, and is now President of the Administrative Board, in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

Brolliet Ltd. has a very strong culture, thanks to its history. It is a household name, a well-known brand around Geneva.

This renowned company defines itself by the quality of its advice and its innovative solutions favouring a long term and sustainable vision.

Comprising 100 people, Brolliet Ltd. brings under one roof a wide range of complementary professional activities: brokers in the commercial and residential field of prestige, architects, developers, project managers and real estate operation handlers, marketing and communication, accountants,  income-producing real estate experts, portfolio managers, technical managers, IT specialists, lawyers.

Honorary president

Executive Board





  • Jean-Claude Bürgi

    Fondé de pouvoir, Project Manager

  • Laurent Bornatici

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Aldo Commisso

    Director of Property Management

  • Jean-Yves Cost

    Director of promotion, sales & construction

  • Nicolas Gallier

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real Estate Project Development Manager

  • Benjamin Grajzgrund

    Fondé de pouvoir, Commercial real estate manager

  • Olivier Hilaire

    Fondé de pouvoir, Condominium Administrator

  • Adrijana Mitrovic

    Fondée de pouvoir, Condominium Administrator

  • Alexandre Molinari

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Philippe Monteiro

    Fondé de pouvoir, Accounting deputy

  • Delphine Mugnier

    Fondée de pouvoir, Quality control and logistics manager

  • Xavier Noël

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Patrice Redard

    Fondé de pouvoir, Legal department manager

  • Sébastien Reymond

    Accounting manager

  • Xavier Schilter

    Fondé de pouvoir, Accounting deputy

  • Rosemary Studhalter

    Associate director, Head of condominium units

  • Grégoire Zanetta

    Associate director, Real estate portfolio manager