Brolliet Ltd.

Founded in 1903, Brolliet SA is among the top real estate players in French Switzerland. For over a century, four generations in turn have built the excellent reputation of the company, which quickly became one of the leading real estate agencies in the Genevan marketplace. This position was strengthened in 2016 by its strategic union with DBS Immobilier group in order to create the number one independent real estate service provider in Switzerland.

A subsidiary of Foncia Groupe, DBS Immobilier group is the leader in real estate services in French Switzerland and is enjoying significant expansion in German Switzerland. A global real estate player, DBS Immobilier group offers management services, condominium administration, real estate sales, investment, commercial real estate, property scheme management, development, exceptional properties, architecture and renovation, estate management, and mortgage and insurance brokering. DBS Immobilier has over 600 staff in around thirty branches, and represents 8 brands throughout Switzerland, with Domicim, Brolliet, Duc-Sarrasin, Elitim, Batiline, Facilitim and Immosure present in French Switzerland, and the GRIBI brand in German Switzerland.

With over 100 employees, Brolliet works hard each day to offer the highest standard of service to our private and institutional customers, property owners, co-owners, tenants, investors, sellers and buyers.

Honorary president

Executive Board





  • Alexis Armand

    Associate director - Sales Manager

  • Jean-Pierre Bürgi

    Fondé de pouvoir, Project Manager

  • Laurent Bornatici

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Aldo Commisso

    Director of Property Management

  • Jean-Yves Coste

    Director of promotion, sales & construction

  • Nicolas Gallier

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real Estate Project Development Manager

  • Olivier Hilaire

    Fondé de pouvoir, Condominium Administrator

  • Catherine Mascali

    Fondée de pouvoir, Legal department manager

  • Adrijana Mitrovic

    Fondée de pouvoir, Condominium Administrator

  • Alexandre Molinari

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Philippe Monteiro

    Fondé de pouvoir, Accounting deputy

  • Delphine Mugnier

    Fondée de pouvoir, Quality control and logistics manager

  • Xavier Noël

    Fondé de pouvoir, Real estate portfolio manager

  • Sébastien Reymond

    Accounting manager

  • Xavier Schilter

    Fondé de pouvoir, Accounting deputy

  • Rosemary Studhalter

    Associate director, Head of condominium units

  • Grégoire Zanetta

    Associate director, Real estate portfolio manager



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