Le Verger de Lussy

Le Verger de Lussy


Type of mandate
Project supervision, Client representative, General contractor, Marketing, Off-plan sales.
Route de Coinsins, Lussy-sur-Morges
Description of mandate

Adaptation of the Plan Partiel d’Affectation (PPA, partial zoning plan) in accordance with  financial imperatives, coordinating with the commune of Lussy-sur-Morges.

Land property organisation, re-drawing of boundaries and creation of servitudes.

Constitution of two DDPs (Droits Distincts et Permanents, relating to floor area), located in the basements of units AB and CD.

Financing plan in place and building permits obtained.

Preparation for implementation, coordination of technical representatives, monitoring of project execution.

Preparation of general contractor agreements.

Mandate manager
Thomas Mader
Project description

20 terraced villas, arranged in 4 rows of 5 houses. Private access from garage. Each unit has 2 parking spaces, a private garden and a terrace.

Project: Le Verger de Lussy

Total floor space
3,600 m2
Project owner

Brolliet SA and Brolliet Investissement SA


Study 2007-2010

Execution 2011-2012