Property Development


Real estate development

Do you want to

  • Build a new construction on your land?
  • Renovate, alter or expand a building?
  • Sell your land at the best price?
  • Ensure the commercial success of your promotion?

Our Property Development department will support you in your project, from design to implementation, whether for sale or rental. Our teams are made up of experts specialising in all aspects of property affairs, and with extensive experiences in the field. They offer tailor-made services and comprehensive support personalised to your needs and objectives. To bring your project to fruition, we take the following steps :


1. Diagnosis

It will first be necessary to determine the building potential and constraints of a parcel, by means of an initial financial, legal, technical and commercial feasibility study.

We will then conduct a market study to determine the optimal type of product:

  • Location and surroundings
  • Demographic evolution and structure
  • Local and regional economic developments and means of transport
  • The competitive property market and the product to meet the expectations of users

These steps will allow us to determine:

  • The target clientèle (tenants/owners and/or users)
  • The optimal product (residential and/or commercial)
  • The ideal programme (types of apartments, fixtures, finishes)
  • Rental and/or sale prices

2. Development

  • Analysis of the building potential according to the regulations in force and taking into account any constraints related to the type of ground surface or the built environment
  • Identification of risks and determining factors for the success of the project
  • Preparation of a financial analysis reflecting the costs of the operation and the projected profit (financial plans)
  • Selection of an architect and a multidisciplinary team of representatives (surveyor, engineer)
  • Invitation to tender in order to selection contractors
  • Coordination of the team of representatives to obtain the building permit
  • Land tenure management (form of ownership, structure and conditions of acquisition)
  • Legal, fiscal and financial structuring of the property transaction

3. Project management

After ensuring ourselves of the viability of your project, we plan and manage all aspects of the property development, relieving you of responsibility for the coordination of the various stakeholders and the administrative aspects.

  • Development of the global marketing strategy (digital marketing tools, communication plan, marketing actions and events).
  • Management of the team of representatives (architect, engineer, surveyor, notary, builder)
  • Coordination and obtaining the building permit
  • Control and monitoring of the construction execution phase up until delivery (cost, schedule, quality)
  • Preparation of marketing and checking of all contractual and legal documents (reservation contract, deed of sale, construction company contract, construction document, etc.)

We oversee the quality/schedule/cost control of the project. With regular meetings and reports on the progress of the project, you enjoy total transparency about the actions undertaken.

Oversee of services:



Commercialization in Development Zones

We also assist owners in the process of selling their new projects in development zones.

In view of the high level of attractiveness of this type of operation, Brolliet SA has put in place innovative and effective methods to handle the large number of requests, while respecting the legislative and financial framework of this type of operation. Brolliet SA manages the entire commercialization process (preparation of the media plan, selection of purchasers with the owner, signing of notarial deeds, delivery of apartments, etc.) by ensuring optimal communication and transparency in the allocation of the housing units.




A dynamic team of specialists in the development, organisation, execution and marketing of real estate transactions.

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    Nicolas Gallier

    Real Estate Project Development Manager

    Commercial representative  



    Landline: +41 58 201 33 82




    "Managing risk and evolving standards, adapting to customers’ needs, imagining adapted solutions for developing new places to live and meeting housing needs."



    Nicolas holds a master in real estate, urbanism and construction law and has worked for several years for major real estate developers in France. This experience has allowed him to develop his skills in structuring real estate transactions.

    Ces expériences lui ont permis de développer ses compétences dans le montage d’opérations immobilières.    



    - Studies of land opportunities

    - Transaction structuring

    - Administrative, legal and financial monitoring  



    - French

    - English

    - Spanish



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