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By providing project management as well as representing the client at every stage of the construction process of a property, Brolliet SA designs living spaces that are perfectly adapted to the needs of their occupants.

The projects executed are concrete illustrations of Brolliet’s capacity to create new spaces for exacting clients.

To ensure the success of your real estate project, Brolliet SA brings together a competence centre of skills including: advice, market research, feasibility studies, taxation, financial, technical and marketing expertise.

 icon-bar-1Our competence centre: 

  • We position ourselves upstream of projects to evaluate, advise and offer the best formula to our client, be they an investor or end user
  • We analyse opportunities and provide personalised advice with clearly defined objectives at each stage
  • We ensure dialogue with one named contact person throughout the project
  • We offer specialists who cover the entirety of the process stage by stage, from pre-project planning to delivery and the end of guarantee periods.

4 key points for the success of your real estate project


icon-markerThe right site 

The right location is of paramount importance. The criteria to take into account are simple, but at the same time require in-depth knowledge of the local area.

Our competence centre analyses opportunities and offers personalised advice.


icon-hand-1The right project  

Our competence centre conducts feasibility studies that include all elements of the project and seek to achieve the best value for money.


icon-pai-1The right price  

Whatever the nature of a project, it must be in line with the current market price. If there is prediction, it must be reliable and justifiable by compensation (maintenance costs, rates of return for usable area, flexibility, possibility for development).

Our competence centre offers transparency in price and margin management.


icon-clockThe right time


Our specialists methodically and accurately determine:

  • Consideration of the economic cycle
  • Project timescale finalisation
  • Planning of development phases and obtainment of administrative authorisation
  • Operating costs
  • The construction period


A dynamic team of specialists in the development, organisation, execution and marketing of real estate transactions.

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    Nicolas Gallier

    Real Estate Project Development Manager

    Commercial representative  



    Landline: +41 58 201 33 82




    "Managing risk and evolving standards, adapting to customers’ needs, imagining adapted solutions for developing new places to live and meeting housing needs."



    Nicolas holds a master in real estate, urbanism and construction law and has worked for several years for major real estate developers in France. This experience has allowed him to develop his skills in structuring real estate transactions.

    Ces expériences lui ont permis de développer ses compétences dans le montage d’opérations immobilières.    



    - Studies of land opportunities

    - Transaction structuring

    - Administrative, legal and financial monitoring  



    - French

    - English

    - Spanish



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