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Residential rental services

Pioneers in the area of residential lettings, we are entirely dedicated to premium real estate. Our department is primarily for owners who want to enjoy a bespoke, high-quality service that allows them to rent their property while maximising their rental income. We guarantee services that meet our clients’ expectations as closely as possible, ensuring their real estate is profitable and has a viable future.

Many international organisations and multinational companies are located in Geneva, attracting a population of wealthy expatriates who can afford higher rents and who want to live in properties with added value. As a result, residential lettings have a considerable impact and role in the canton, and our department addresses this challenging demand.

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The six steps of renting

We offer a range of bespoke services for owners who want Brolliet to look after their premium properties. We provide support and guidance throughout the six stages of the rental process.

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Rental valuation

We visit your property to identify and assess its potential so that we can provide an accurate estimate of its rental value.

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In order to adapt to your requirements, we offer three types of services: property management agreements, value creation agreements and guarantee agreements to cover unpaid rent.

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We propose a rental strategy for your property in collaboration with our Marketing department. We find the best solutions so that your property enjoys maximum visibility.

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Viewings and follow-up

We carry out viewings with applicants interested in renting your property and also follow up on applications.

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File compilation and assessment

As a safety guarantee, we look into the credit score history of interested applicants and select the best applications.

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In the final stage of renting your property, we draw up the rental agreement and ensure that each new tenant has third-party liability insurance and a rent guarantee.

Find more information about the six steps of renting in our brochure:

The six steps of renting
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