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Real estate investment services

Do you want to buy or sell an investment property? The Investment Property Sales department at Brolliet specialises in selling investment properties and finding new acquisitions for our Swiss and international investor clients.

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Real estate sales, Sell your property in Geneva
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All types of investment property sales

Our team of experts actively explores the market to be able to offer a wide range of investment properties (residential, commercial, land, etc.) tailored to each investor’s profile. We have a proven track record in sales on the open market as well as sales using a call for tender process. We work closely with all departments within the DBS Group to ensure that our teams have the full range of necessary expertise and are available to assist with all new investment opportunities. After providing a valuation of the market value of your property or real estate portfolio, we will put in place a personalised and innovative sales strategy to sell your real estate under the best possible market conditions. In order to find the best buyers, our teams have access to an extensive network of qualified investors, including institutional investors, private investors with strong financial capacity, property investment funds and international investors.

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Real estate sales, Sell your property in Geneva
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Personalised acquisitions

Our experts work closely with you to help optimise your property investment strategy. Using an acquisition model developed in accordance with the best market practices, we analyse and review all investment opportunities and offer bespoke proposals that will allow you to make the best decisions in line with your requirements and objectives. Our work continues until the purchase price has been negotiated and the closing of the transaction to ensure our expert team provides support and advice throughout the entire investment cycle.

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A global vision of property investment

Regardless of the investment vehicle, tenancy law, financing, VAT, tax, easements, compliance with current regulations, cash flow management, maintenance requirements, development and renovation potential, energy efficiency or sustainable construction, our team of experts assess all aspects of the property investment in order to guide you through the sustainable value creation process for your property and maximise your real estate investments.

Trust us with selling your real estate and looking after your investment projects for personal and efficient support.

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