Property Development

Property development services

Do you want to…

  • Carry out a successful property development?
  • Renovate, convert or extend a building?
  • Sell your land at the best possible price?

What we can do for you

Our Property Development department provides support and guidance for your project, from the design stage through to completion, whether you intend to sell or rent. Our team of specialists have extensive experience in order to offer you bespoke management services adapted to your requirements and objectives.

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Real estate consulting and development in Geneva

Value creation process for your real estate:

1. Diagnosis

Determine the development potential of an undeveloped or developed plot of land, taking into account its context, assets and limitations

  • Legal, technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Market study and product definition
  • Valuation of your property’s land value
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Real estate development, Real estate valuation in Geneva

2. Development

Take all steps to obtain the necessary town planning permissions

  • Prepare the land: Modification de Zone (zone changes), Plan Localisé de Quartier (land use plan), easements, problem-solving of specific issues
  • Financial plans
  • Select the architect and technical representatives
  • Obtain the necessary building permits
  • Launch a call for tender and select the construction companies
  • Negotiate financing
  • Coordinate marketing

3. Implementation

Coordinate and monitor the project construction in terms of quality, time frames and costs

  • Supervise construction work
  • Financial monitoring and cash flow management
  • Project handover and collateral management
  • Prepare the building for use

You can decide to sell your real estate at any time, including during the value creation process. In this case, we will help you find the best investors.

Marketing strategy in development zones

Using innovative and proven methods, Brolliet has become the leading agency in Geneva for marketing property development projects in development zones for public and private clients. We have developed a range of processes that digitise static data while maintaining the human element and the personal contact needed to successfully complete projects in development zones.

As a result, Brolliet SA has marketed multiple transactions representing more than 300 homes in the last five years.

Marketing process:

Put in place a marketing strategy

Create a dedicated website and compile a comprehensive sales file:

  • Plans
  • Description of construction
  • 3D images
  • Property surveyor’s reports
  • Description of services


Define a media campaign and create suitable advertising materials:

Emails, press releases, digital marketing campaigns, etc.

Buyer selection process

Select buyers in accordance with the legal, financial and specific criteria of each project owner

Meet selected applicants

Signing of notarised documents and apartment handover

Signing of sale agreements

Signing of final deeds of sale

Client representation during the apartment handover

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