Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development department

A pioneer and leader in sustainable development, Brolliet SA created a dedicated department over 12 years ago. It aims to ensure that the three cornerstones of sustainable development – social solidarity, environmental responsibility and economic efficiency – are respected and properly enforced throughout the agreement.

Our Sustainable Development department plays a fundamental role in the portfolio management of over 1,000 managed units. This sustainable management involves:

  • Managing the energy consumption of the company and buildings under management
  • Maximising the value of the managed portfolio by analysing potential energy improvements
  • Supporting tenants to reduce their environmental footprint
  • Supporting concierges in their daily life and social role
  • Supporting our teams to pursue a strategy focused on sustainable development
Sustainable development of your property in Geneva

An accredited real estate agency

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Brolliet is certified every year by the USPI’s (Swiss union of real estate professionals) green label scheme.

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Our company operates in compliance with sustainable development requirements and we have adopted an environmentally friendly energy policy. These principles of sustainable development are also applied to manage our company and premises. Brolliet SA is the first ISO 26000-certified real estate agency.

A real estate agency that acts

Due to the digitalisation of practices within Brolliet as well as the entire DBS Group, we have confirmed our position as an environmentally responsible company while maintaining high-quality services.

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Eco 21

SIG ECO 21 reports are drawn up by electricians and the results are analysed and adjusted to obtain the best financial performance. We then prepare our own reports.

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Financial plans

During renovation projects, we produce financial plans in compliance with legal requirements in order to find the highest levels of profitability. Our assessment also addresses opportunities linked to grants and tax.

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Energy reports

Using tools such as Immolabel, we provide personalised studies and reports in order to work out potential cost savings and also ensure energy compliance.

Brolliet Picto Formation Concierge

Concierge training

An annual seminar is organised for concierges providing services in managed buildings to ensure regular training and improve the quality of both their work and life. The last seminar covered waste management and reduction.

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